Where your vision becomes a reality.

Sky Studio Designs works with our commercial clients in the following design areas: Ecclesiastical, Institutional, Food Services, Governmental, Civic, Educational, Office Buildings, Multi-Family, Retail and Roofing.  We assist with contractor bidding and contract negotiations.  Hire engineers to ensure safety, soundness and efficiency.  We also review contractor product submittals for materials to ensure they meet specifications.  Weather this is your first commercial project, or you are an experienced investor in real estate, your project will be as you have envisioned it. 

Types of commercial services:

  • Builder’s set – Fully designed plans that meet all building and life safety codes and fire marshal submissions and approval.  These are plans that you can take to any contractor to get a price for completing your project.

  • Construction management – Ensuring the contactor follows the construction documents.  You don’t need to visit the site every day checking to see if corners were cut or plans were not being followed.  

  • Full services – Full set of plans, specifications and construction management.  This is everything above plus specifications for the exact features you want in your project.  This ensures that you get quotes for the materials you want and don’t have to be surprised by additional costs later in the project.